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Welcome to Health System PRO

Health System PRO has been specifically tailored and fully integrated to work with your Simply Naturals hosted web site. The automated prospect 'nagging system' within Health System Pro is the fundamental mechanism that makes the task of team building and customer gathering much easier. So if you want a mass of distributors and customers underneath you in your team paying you tons of residual income every month you need a proven recruitment tool. That tool is Health System PRO !! Included with your Simply Business Tools (SBT)

Once you have registered above, Make Sure you send an email to; with your ID number
and request for your HSPRO to be Activated.

All you have to do is keep feeding the system with prospects. You will be shown a multitude of ways to do this. Oh and don't forget to make sure your team are using Health System PRO too...

What is Health System PRO ?

Health System PRO is a semi-automated system for recruiting masses of people into your downline team. The main element, the 'front door' is a 'Capture Page'. Your prospects are first led to your capture page (website) on the Internet. This is where Health System PRO captures their names and email addresses. Once this happens the magic begins.

There are many ways to 'feed' Health System PRO, here are a few...

* Your Warm Market List
* Online Free Article Marketing
* Online Free Video Marketing
* Online Free Twitter Marketing
* Online Free Facebook Marketing
* Online Free Blogging
* Online Free Advertising
* Online Paid for Marketing
* Direct postal mailshots and flyers
* National Newspaper Advertising
* And many more methods...

Health System PRO subscribers can receive training on all of the above. Some of the promotion methods such as Direct Mailshots can be fully automated.

Don't worry, you do not have to do all of the above. You just pick the stuff you find simple to do and that fits in with you. The point is, you can feed Health System PRO hundreds of different ways to get the same amazing results.

Next... your prospects will be taken to the official Simply Naturals business opportunity video presentation. This is a great video and does a fantastic job at showing the business to your prospects. However, the chances of anyone joining after just one visit are VERY SLIM. You need a process to get them to go back and watch the video when it is convenient FOR THEM.

Once Health System PRO has captured your prospects email addresses it will automatically start sending them encouraging (automated) emails on a daily basis. The auto email sequence will continue for several months constantly marketing your business even while you sleep (It's important you understand this point).

The automatic emails are constantly pecking away at your prospects highlighting reasons why they should watch the video, call in with questions and join Simply Naturals. Sometimes people can join many months after initial contact, such is the power of the system and the sales copy.

That is the basics of how Health System PRO works. Here are a few of the main things you get when you subscribe...

1. Capture Pages
These pages really get your prospect's attention and are very effective at getting their name and email details. Once those details are captured it enables Health System PRO to keep contacting them and encourage them to watch the video and call in with questions.

2. Video & Audio Content
This content gives your prospects extra information about our team, Health System PRO and promotion methods. This also gives them the answer to why they should join under YOU in our team.

3. Automatic Emails
This is the key to the whole system. When your prospect enters their details Health System PRO will email them every day with important news and information about your business. Day after day powerful sales copy is working it's magic highlighting the incredible benefits of joining Simply Naturals. All the time encouraging the prospect to call you and the super recruiting experts in your upline. This relentless marketing machine sends emails daily for the first 30 days and then every few days over many months... I'm sure you can see the power of this !!

4. Support and Ongoing Updates
This is very important because if anything goes wrong you need to be able to pick up the phone and get everything up and running as quickly as possible. We are constantly testing, tweaking and updating our promotion systems. Your Health System PRO System is automatically updated with the latest marketing techniques, website and sales copy at no extra cost to you. If we produce a new video, web page or audio your websites will be updated immediately. Quick support is essential if you have any technical issues.

AMAZING Value: Even a simple autoresponder email service such as Aweber is more expensive. Then you would still have to develop capture pages, redirect pages, videos etc etc and it wouldn't be integrated with your Simply Naturals Business. Health System PRO offers so much more and included with your Simply Business Tools (SBT). Get signed up today...


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